sncRNA study  

Upload your small RNAs Next-Generation Sequencing data to detect and profile sncRNAs:

  • Input files could be in collapsed FASTA (Recommend) (with Fasta head like >A_xB,where A is unique seq name while B is the frequency of A), FASTQ, GSE sample ID and web link to collapsed FASTA file
  • To speed the uploading, we highly recommend that the upload file is further compressed in .zip or .gz format

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Common parameters

Shortest tag Length Largest tag Length
Mismatch 0-3
Default mapping time threshold for multiple mapping

miRNA analysis parameters

Flank sequence length of the query. Range 0 - 200
Maximum of mapping times for for miRNA

tRFs analysis parameters

Min. tag abundance (Read Rer Million)
P-value inferred based on Binomial statistics method to distinguish random fragments
m: Maximum of mapping times for tRNA&tRF

piRNA/24nt siRNA analysis parameters

Minimum read depth of 24-nt siRNAs to call clusters.
The neighbor clusters with distance smaller than this value will be merged. With step: 50
Maximum of mapping times for piRNA/24nt siRNA tags

PhasiRNA analysis parameters

Periodicitic length of phased siRNAs (bp)
Minimum read depth for p-value computations.